Construction Survey


OSDC has been providing Construction Survey services to Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon and Penticton for over 30 years. Our team of professionals include Civil Engineering Technologists and Geomatics/Survey Professionals. This means we can pair the right surveyor to your project depending on the nature and complexity.

Construction surveyors guide construction crew through all phases of a civil, industrial and infrastructure construction project. Using a bonified construction surveyor will help to ensure your project gets completed as per the contract and to the design accuracy specifications.

A Construction Survey consists of placing markers, typically a spike and a stake at design locations of key components of an engineering design. Offsets are also set out so that there’s a reference once the center marker gets destroyed.

Typical items that are surveyed as part of a construction survey include:

  • Sanitary and Storm manholes with rim (finished grade) and inverts (underside of pipe) cuts and fills as well as service locations.
  • Water line bends, services, hydrants, etc.
  • Shallow utility boxes for Hydro, Shaw and Telus
  • Curb and gutter. Typically, a stake will be placed at an offset to the back of curb with a cut or fill to the gutter line. This allows the construction crew to prepare the curb subgrade base and the curbing crew to install their string line to guide the curbing machine.
  • Slope stakes-Slope stakes are placed at the top of a cut or toe of a fill. This ensure the operator will hit the proper location, or hinge point, when the cut or fill is completed
  • Bridges-Aboutements, Anchor bolts, piles, etc.
  • Building lay out-Gridlines, foundations corners, excavation offsets.

Having a qualified and experienced construction survey will ensure your crews have reliable information to work with making them much more efficient and accurate, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best.