Aerial Mapping Drone

Aerial Mapping Drone

Different Uses of Aerial Mapping Drone

In today’s time, drones can be used in a lot of ways. It is not just for leisure activities but can also be used to extensively search an area for commercial purposes and rescue operations. Drones are an easy and cost-effective method for mapping a large area. It provides proper and accurate data and can expedite work for business settings.

Okanagan Survey has been providing land survey services for over 30 years. We offer different services such as topographic surveying, construction surveying, site plan surveys, aerial mapping drone, vineyard design, and many more.

A drone is one of the equipment that we use to provide accurate data to some of our services. It has been widely used by different industries, below are just a short list.

Construction Industry

The construction industry has been benefiting a lot from drone mapping. The maps and data collected using a drone can update clients regularly in the progress of the construction projects, inventory of raw materials, and can also be used to generate 3D construction site models. These information helps create a bigger picture and improve strategies used for planning and decision making.

Survey Land

Nowadays, land surveyors have greatly benefited from drone use in aerial mapping. A land surveyor needs to take measurements precisely on land pieces to determine boundaries between properties.

The collected data are then used to create maps, land plots, and legal documents. Drone photogrammetry has obtained accurate maps that can be easily be converted to a 3D map including contour map data. Drones have expedited a land surveyors workflow and provide quality and accurate mapping data. 

Real Estate

Drones are also used to aid a land sale by providing aerial maps and give a photographic idea to those that consider buying the property. It helps in providing a more accurate and recent aerial map of the property for sale.

The detailed aerial map offers valuable insight into the next property owner, giving him the entirety of the property without being physically present in the area. Drone mapping also provides accurate border overlay and contour lines.


The new technologies today has also helped our inspectors, they are using drone pilots with cameras to inspect equipment. Drones can also provide accurate detail of a roof, while IR sensors help detect parts of an area with poor insulation and leakage. Inspectors also use drones on a bigger scale to inspect problems in solar farms.

Agriculture Industry

Drone mapping offered a lot of potential to the agricultural industry. Drone maps provide our farmers with the tool to analyze vegetation and crops status and greatly affect their decision making. The images from the drones are used to determine the current health of an agricultural field and assist in real-time decision making. The use of drone maps can increase crop yields and productivity in a timely manner.

Professional land surveying and mapping are very crucial as it affects production and decision making. We, at Okanagan Survey, can help you by providing aerial mapping drone services.

Aerial Mapping Drone
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Aerial Mapping Drone