Drone Mapping Services

Drone Mapping Services

 We offer Drone/UASs/UAV mapping services. By utilizing the drone’s
capabilities, we can cover large areas competently and precisely to
create 3-D topographical survey maps in much less time and with far
greater accuracy than relying on a typical survey.

At Okanagan Survey & Design LTD., we offer in-house drone surveying.
All our drone data is very accurate. Drones allow us to quickly and
accurately survey and map large areas, and are perfect for large
unincorporated areas.

Sites that are tailor-made for drone mapping are:

·         Proposed Oil sites

·         Proposed Gas sites

·         Agricultural sites that require mapping

·         Waterways and shorelines (monitoring for flood damage and
likely high-risk areas)

·         Large potential building sites

·         Real time monitoring of progress

UAV Mapping Service

Our drone mapping services take far less time than conventional
surveying. What previously took us 12 plus hours and 1200 survey points
now can take as few as 30 minutes with millions of points. We can
produce 3-D topographical maps quickly and with great accuracy.

 We have a Special Flight Operations Certificate that encompasses most
of British Columbia. We currently work in Okanagan and include
Penticton, Vernon, Lake Country, and Kelowna.

UAV Technology in Agriculture

Drone mapping services have found a place in the agricultural
community. There used to be a standard approach and method to farming
but that is all changing.  More of the large-scale
operations are now relying on their surveys. The information collected can
assist farmers to significantly increase their crop yields.

There are several ways UAVs can help in agriculture. 3-D mapping for
use in soil and field analysis can helps in planting patterns. There
are drones that can plant, spray, test soil, and check on the health
of the crop. A UAV could detect problems quickly by scanning an entire
field in minutes.

Boardroom Uses of UAV

HD video can be used several ways in the boardroom. You can use real
time video to help pitch a project, or you can show how much work has
been accomplished on a site. It is up to you. You are the director and can
simply let the on-site operators know what you are looking for.


We have licensed pilots that are experienced. Our drone mapping
services are unsurpassed in their ability to bring a completely
exceptional view of your next project. You will be able to see your
site from an entirely different perspective.

We have three licensed pilots that are ready to fly whenever and
wherever they are needed. Our pilots are professional, have
up-to-date training and will work for you. Your satisfaction is our goal.
All our UAS/UAV services are offered in-house and we have the finest


We utilize both Real Time Kinetic and Static GPS Satellite surveying systems, as well as

Robotic Total Stations.

Choosing a Surveying Company

Different surveying companies provides different services. Okanagan
Survey & Design LTD specialize in the following:

·         Hydrological/bathymetry surveying

·         Topographic surveying

·         Volumetric surveying

·        “As Built” surveying

·         Engineering surveying

·         Construction surveying


Give us a call for all your drone mapping needs.

Drone Mapping Services
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Drone Mapping Services
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Drone Mapping Services