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Virtual home tours utilize technology’s power to keep the realty market thriving after the negative impact of Covid-19. Lockdown and quarantine regulations have greatly hindered the buying and selling of homes across the country.

Realty open houses and in-person walkthroughs no longer remain viable tools for real estate brokers or agencies to utilize when marketing homes. Residential property sales aren’t alone when facing Covid-19’s negative impacts, as commercial property sales also declined.

Virtual real estate tours have acted as a lifesaver for real estate market platforms by opening new avenues to previewing homes and properties. Rather than putting buyers at risk or in danger, real estate companies have implemented virtual tours as safe alternatives to traditional property sales.

The aerial photography and videography sector supports creating the best virtual home tours in Boston using drones and other tech advancements. OTBx Air is a stand out aerial photography company in Boston, MA, that caters to real estate professionals.

How Boston Drone Aerial Photo and Video Services Continue to Change Real Estate

OTBx Air uses drone technologies to take aerial photos and video footage of homes or properties for sale in Boston or the surrounding areas. Drone photography and videography enhances virtual tours by documenting every aspect of a home or commercial property.

With comprehensive documentation, real estate operators can develop detailed virtual tours that showcase even the smallest details and features for property listings. Real estate agencies benefit by continuing services during the unprecedented health crisis without massive inconveniences.

Virtual tours will remain essential in real estate and other business industries in a post-pandemic world for several reasons. For starters, virtual tours save valuable resources we can’t afford to waste in such strange times.

Besides affordable convenience, virtual real estate tours prevent Covid-19’s spread without damaging the housing market. Virtual real estate tours aren’t just short-term solutions to problems related to Covid-19 because the technology has so much more to offer.

Best Boston Photography Firm Assisting Real Estate Companies                      

OTBx Air provides premium services performed by a professional Boston aerial photographer who caters to your needs. Turning to us at OTBx Air for an aerial photographer in Boston can help you stay ahead of real estate and marketing trends that provide real-time results. Virtual tours using aerial photography and videography will likely prove to be a future resource for real estate agencies and other service providers.

Aerial photography uses drone technology to capture perfect photographs and video footage in high definition. Real estate agencies may benefit substantially from offering virtual tours to their clients and prospective buyers. Virtual tours help buyers visualize themselves in a living space without physically visiting the location. It is never too late to take advantage of the incentives OTBx Air’s services can contribute to your real estate firm.

Professional Aerial Photography and Videography Made Easy

OTBx Air provides crystal clear aerial photography that real estate firms use to develop stunning virtual tours of real estate listings. If you would like to learn more about our OTBx Air work services, please give us a call at 617-804-1252. Our knowledgeable staff is responsive and eager to serve customers!

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Virtual Home Tours Boston