Types of Surveyors

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Construction surveying companies and Land Surveying companies alike provide surveying services to the private and public sectors. See below for a brief description of various types of surveyors.  Do your research and decide what type of surveyor is best suited for your project.

British Columbia Land Surveyor (BCLS):

Each province in Canada has a self-governing association representing licensed Land Surveyors. British Columbia Land Surveyors (BCLS) is the designation used by Land Surveyors in BC. Only a commissioned Land Surveyor can determine, locate, define, describe establish or re-establish boundaries. Refer to the British Columbia Land Surveyors Act to determine if you require a British Columbia Land Surveyor.

Canada Lands Surveyor (CLS):

Only a Canada Lands Surveyor is licensed to carry out cadastral surveys on “Canada Lands”. “Canada Lands” include three Canadian territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut), Federal parks, and Aboriginal reserves, as well as on and under the surface of Canada’s oceans. Refer to the Canada Lands Surveyors Act to determine if you require Canada Lands Surveyor.

Construction Surveying


Construction Surveyors:

Construction Surveyors have varied educational backgrounds and experience which may include Land Surveyors specializing in construction surveying, Land Survey technicians, professional engineers, Geomatics technologists, GIS, Bachelor’s degree, or engineering technologists.  Typically a Construction Surveyor has experience working for a Land Surveyor as a technician or a civil engineer as a designer, and has much field experience on construction sites.  Typical services a construction surveyor provides includes construction layout or staking for infrastructure projects, building stakeouts, residential surveys, topography, volumetric surveys, and as built surveys. It is imperative a construction surveyor understands the engineering design elements and constructability as well as understating the survey component.

Engineering Surveyors:

Engineering surveyors provide surveying services to engineers, hydrologists, land owners, and businesses. Services typically include topographic surveys, GIS mapping, Dam surveys, Dam Break Analysis Surveys, Bathymetry, channel surveying, deformation monitoring, test hole pickup, gravel pit volumetric surveys, and site plans for municipal permitting.

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