Topographic Survey is Part of Design

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Topographic Survey

Top 3 Reasons a Topographic Survey is Part of a Sound Design

Today’s building projects come with higher budgets and tighter timelines than ever before. For example, the City of Kelowna has nearly $100 million in active construction projects in development at this time. That doesn’t account for the private projects currently underway. Staying on track and avoiding the domino effect leaves very little room for error when planning a new building project, and mistakes are very expensive!

Avoiding costly errors requires proper advance planning to survey land and a thorough understanding of the landscape of the project. To understand why it’s essential to start every building project with one, let’s examine the top three reasons why a topographic survey is part of a sound design.

Land Can be Like an Iceberg

Existing structures, like utility poles and other buildings for survey land, are easy enough to spot. But that’s only part of the story. It’s what’s going on beneath the surface that can quickly turn a quick building project into a lengthy, expensive one with delays. Taking the time to administer a thorough, professional topographical survey can help project managers avoid the (figurative) landmines that can crop up once construction is underway.

Every Discipline has a Reason for Needing a Topographic Survey

Every project, large or small, involves a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Topographic surveys will be used by engineers, architects, and municipal officials, among other professionals, to ensure that stringent guidelines are met. Starting with a topographic survey can save time and money by providing proof design metrics that are sound from the outset.

Required in Observance of Local Regulations

The Okanagan, and indeed all of BC, is filled with natural beauty that it is our duty to protect. Though a topographic survey may not be explicitly outlined as a legal requirement, one will be required to make sure new projects are in line with provincial rules. For example, the BC Oil & Gas Commission has strict regulations regarding the placement of pipelines in relation to the water supply and other infrastructure. There is no way to comply with these regulations without a detailed, professional topographic survey.

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